Month: October 2017

Update Log 10/26/17


-Added “Forums” so people can discus their topics, and share what they know.

-Added “Social┬áMedia Platform”

-Added and upgraded website security.

-Added performance plugin.

-Added “Social Network” Menu

-Added profile picture and banner.

-Tested social platform

-Added “Sign in”, “Sign Up” options to “Social Media” page.

-improved performance.

-minor improvements.



Update Log 10/25/2017

-Added “My blog” page.

-Added “Inspiration information station” page.

-Added “Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto” video


-Added “donate” option under products.

-Added new “Learn Grow Experience” banner.

-Added “USA” shipping zone.

-Enabled purchases

-Removed CRI quote

-Removed “Media” page.

-Optimized web speed.

-Minor fixes

-Had a good day ­čÖé






Another Video Showing the power of Vibration

I had to share this video with you all. If you have not already seen it than please enjoy. This video shows us the power of vibration through the forms of intent, action, and thought. Everything is a vibration and can be effected by another form of vibration, such as rice being effected by thought or intent.

Disclaimer: Devine Design Deals does not own any video or audio content provided in the video below. Thank you and please enjoy.